RGB Minute Maid Drink

END-USER  : Coca-cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. Santa Rosa Laguna Plant
INDUSTRY   : Bottling and Beverages

*Sub-contracted from APV Singapore


This project is designed to automate the production of RGB Minute Maid Drink. The system controls and monitors the processes of the whole plant. It allows modification on operation parameters and settings. The conditions and status of all field devices may easily be monitored via the WonderWare Touch Panel Computer. The different areas of the plant may be controlled and monitored individually and screen navigation is simple. Pumps, agitators and valves may be set in auto or in manual mode depending on the operation used. Faceplates are provided to easily control and monitor the status of each device. Graphical visualization of faceplate connections are displayed to ensure that products are transferred to the right destination tank.

The system is capable of estimating Brix value based on the amount of products that passed through the flowmeters. Steam valves are controlled with PID algorithm to maintain set temperature with precision. It is capable of routing source and destination path for batching raw products to different tanks. Recipe creation is also available. Alarms and events are logged. The SCADA system is designed to provide ease on operation for plant operators and supervisors.


Upgrade of Omron PLC

END-USER           : Toyota Motors Philippines, Santa Rosa Laguna
INDUSTRY            : Automotive
Hemming Machine (4 Units)
                                Chassis Frame Auto Carry (4 Units)
                                PVC Hanger (4 Units)
                                Welding to Paint Hanger (4 Units)

This project is a full upgrade of OMRON plc's from obsolete models to CS1 series of plc. The system provides control on the transfer of car chassis and frame from one process area to the next. The control is done via a console with mobile cord.

Hemming machine is a technology used by automotive industries to join inner and outer closure panels together (such as hoods, doors, tailgates, etc.). It is controlled through the front panel in manual or in automatic mode.

Toyota Innova and new model of Toyota Vios are the main model assembled and produced in the plant.


Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant Control and Monitoring System with CMMS

SOLUTION            : Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant Control & Monitoring SCADA System
INDUSTRY            :
Electric Power Plants
Bineng 2 Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant*
                                Ampohaw Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant*
                                Bineng 3 Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant*

*Sub-contract from Siemens, Inc.


The Mini-Hydro Electric Power Plant Control & Monitoring System is designed to automate the operation of generators.  It allows the acquisition and archiving of significant data in plant operation, visual indication of status of electromechanical equipment, automatic and on-demand report and trend generation, archiving of events and annunciation of alarms.

The system logs electrical data and other operating data at regular intervals of time. Same data can also be viewed dynamically in real-time in a desktop PC with user-friendly graphics. The current statuses of circuit breakers, turbines, generators are displayed continuously, with color change for different conditions to emphasize change in state. At the end of any 24-hour period a report similar to the operating log sheet which is being used in manual recording by the operator is automatically printed. Archiving of events and trending of system variables are also included with capability to trend past recorded data, facilitating evaluation and analysis of past and present events in plant operation. This will be very valuable to total plant operation as well as analysis of plant performance for future improvements.


TTLR Product Meeting and Monitoring SCADA System 

SOLUTION            : Tank Truck Loading Rack Product Metering and Monitoring SCADA System
INDUSTRY            :
Oil & Gas
Chevron Lapu-Lapu Terminal, Cebu *
                                Petron Mandaue Terminal, Cebu *
                                Chevron Sasa Joint Operation Terminal, Davao City *

*Sub-contract from Siemens, Inc.

The  TTLR Product Metering and Monitoring SCADA System is designed to automate the operation of a Truck Loading Terminal having several racks and bays.

The system is designed with a variety of interlocks that improves operator safety, reduces operator error, and minimizes the chance of over-flow. It ensures that the tank truck receives the correct product, correct additive and correct volume.

The system includes reports, trends, events and alarms, which are very valuable to terminal operation as well as analysis of plant performance for future improvements.. Archiving of events and trending of system variables are also included with capability to trend past recorded data. This facilitates the evaluation and analysis of past and present events in terminal operation.






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