Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater

More often than not, an industrial wastewater treatment project of the same or similar industry will require complete design-and-build efforts, or at least some extent of customised content of an existing design. Our Group and partners in the region are able to assess your project requirements and provide design-and-build design expertise and turnkey engineering/EPC services for your industrial wastewater treatment needs.

-Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) process

-Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) process

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Domestic sewage

Sewage is the most conventional wastewater. It is relatively the easiest to handle, unless there are exceptional contaminants such as substantial oil and grease, chemical content etc, or if the treatment plant is to be located in the harshest climate environment. For some projects with challenges such as large treatment capacities required or exceptional space constraints, we could apply design-and-build SBR or MBBR process and plant. Otherwise, standard and modular sewage treatment systems may suit your project’s needs better.

-Rotating Biological Contact

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Our proprietary UF membrane and modules are most ideal for polishing greywater, industrial and sewage effluent for reuse. They are specially designed and configured with Membrane Bio- Reactor’s (MBR) fine-air bubble aeration features, but within the tubular modules, to provide the necessary aeration during the filtration cycles, and help minimise biofouling potential significantly. Our off-stream modules, unlike the use of submersible membrane in typical MBR applications, make backwash functions more effective, and chemicalenhanced cleaning and modules’ replacements relatively hassle-free.


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