From feed pump, membrane protector, UF modules, backflush pump, auto-backflush system, to chemical dosing system, tanks, fully instrumented control panel with HMI touch-screen display, we pre-design, configure and pack them all onto one sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel skid for most of the standard applications..We make truly packaged UF systems.

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Our modular UF skids are made for installation at the project sites requiring large flux rate. They are designed and configured for ease of shipments with 20’/40’ containers. Multiple skids can be installed with hassle-free inter-skid connections to be carried at project sites.

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Integrating all the UF modules and other integral equipment, parts and components into a constrained space of a container to produce the greatest flux possible, and still making sure that the space is optimised for service and maintenance, is harder than you think. It requires not only versatile expertise in UF technologies and established engineering experiences, it needs also out-of-the-box creativity and innovative strife. We are capable of doing just that – compact containerised UF systems that take raw water in from one end, and churn out filtrate of your desired qualities from the other.

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