Long Ranged Readers


The uPASS Reach offers long range vehicle identification up to 5 meters [16 ft] using the latest UHF technology. Based on battery-free, passive technology, the uPASS Reach reader is a cost effective and enduring solution for parking access. 

The uPASS Reach reader is designed for parking access in residential and commercial applications such as: gated communities, condominiums, car parks and employee parking. 




uPASS Access is a groundbreaking UHF RFID reader for hands-free building and door access. It reads access badges at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 feet) and is the perfect solution for doors that require convenience. 

This ultra small reader fits on doorposts in any interior and is easy to integrate with any type of security system.



Mounting Accessories

Adjustable Mounting Set

With the Adjustable Mounting Set, the uPASS Reach or TRANSIT Entry reader can be adjusted at the desired angle and direction to ensure reliable reading. The Adjustable Mounting Set can also be used for mounting the reader to round or square masts.





Pole Mounting Kit

With the Pole Mounting Kit the uPASS Reach or TRANSIT Entry can be mounted easily onto a pole or gooseneck. The flexible mounting arm allows the reader alignment. 

The Pole Mounting Kit can be mounted onto the Weather Protection Hood of the uPASS Reach or TRANSIT Entry reader. Which is standard included in the Pole Mounting Kit.




Weather Protection Hood

Weather protection hood for long lasting exposure to sun and rain. The weather protection hood can be mounted on the back side of the TRANSIT Standard or Edge reader.

If the TRANSIT reader is to be used in extreme wet or sunny weather conditions, it is recommended to apply a weather protection hood to protect the reader from direct water spray, rain or temperature rise by means of long lasting exposure to the sun.


UHF Windshield Tags

The UHF Windshield Tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 5 meters [16 ft.]. The UHF Windshield Tag offers cost effective long range vehicle identification for parking applications. Typical applications include vehicle access to car parks, business parks, gated communities, condominiums, campuses, airports, etc.



UHF Combi Card

The UHF ISO Combi Card is a card featured with long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology. It enables the use of one card for both vehicle and building access applications. Clients use a single credential for access throughout the facility, from the car park to their office door.

The UHF ISO Combi Card offers a cost effective long range identification solution. When the tag is also used for building access, it ensures removal of the card from the vehicle.