Fixed Reader


Fixed RFID Reader XCRF-502C

The Fixed RFID Reader XCRF-502C from Invengo enables users to deploy a variety of ISO18000-6B RFID solutions for pallet level Identification, manufacturing and assets management applications.
Operating between 902-928MHz, the XCRF-502C is a high-performance, reliable RFID fixed reader. It transfers only the needed information upstream to the host for data management and processing.





Fixed RFID Reader XCRF-502E

Invengo's RFID Reader XCRF-502E delivers best of class performance and maximum benefits in the mission-critical RFID applications.
It is designed to help enterprises achieve competitive advantage by increasing visibility and process efficiency, resulting in reduced costs and improved profitability.





Fixed RFID Reader XCRF-860

Invengo’s XCRF-860 fixed RFID reader delivers maximum functionality for large-scale RFID deployments.
Robust four antenna design, Impinj Indy R1000UHF RFID Transceiver, plus a variety of interface options enable easy integration of wide range of third-party applications to maximize business operational efficiency, product service life and return of investment.