Provides energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries. Schneider make process and energy safe and reliable, efficient and sustainable, open and connected




Power Meter / Energy Management

Schneider Electric has the most complete power motoring product line, going from simple indicators (analogue meters) and CTs, to world class accurate energy meters and powerful compact power meters. These proven products come with multiple options to satisfy any requirement.



Power Quality

For any unit to function seamlessly, there needs to be an efficient power supply. To ensure zero downtime or breakdowns in the machinery, the industries rely on Power Factor Correction Units. The PFC Units smoothen the power supply, improve the power factor and hence the quality of the power.



Building Management System

Growing technologically is a modern day trend. To fulfill this, automation is playing a significant role not only in computation but also in the infrastructure sphere. The industry demands security and reliability when it has eyes for development. Having built a workplace that is ‘smart’ will save you from the chaos of losses due to failure or security. Switch to intelligent building solutions, like building an integrated management system that will help you level up the foundation. A well-maintained building inspires the occupant, prevents any discrepancies and increases the operation efficiency of the people in the vicinity. There are series of building monitors and matrix systems that can be fitted in the building structure.



Contractors / Overload Relays / Circuit Breaker

Explore the broadest range of solutions to feed, control and protect electric motors. Find our contactors for high-durability direct online, star-delta or reversing motor control. Combine them with circuit breakers to meet machine safety standards and protect your motors against overloads and short circuits. Add relays for additional protection, specific for your machine and motors.

Explore circuit breakers, the foundation of safe power distributions and the main protection from electrically-caused fires. Protect each line carrying energy or supplying appliances by choosing the correct sized circuit breaker, that will automatically disconnect in the event of a short circuit, or a cable overload. Add switches, to enable manual on-offs or disconnection for maintenance, and transfer switches to connect backup energy sources.



Structured Cabling

Schneider offers a wide variety of products that provides a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure.