Standard Drives - AC Low Voltage

SINAMICS G110 v/hz

The Siemens SINAIMCS G110 v/hz standard drive is a cost effective variable-frequency drive designed to be simple to install and easy to setup. The intuitive operator panel and ability to run right out of the box meet the requirements of end-users, while its space saving, compact design makes it ideal for OEMs and panel builders.




The SINAMICS® G120 family of closed-loop vector drives offers high levels of integrated safety, energy savings, and network connectivity.  Available in ½ to 335 HP, this modular and scalable standard drive may be configured in a wide variety of designs to meet many industrial drive applications. In addition, built-in math and logic eliminate the need for a separate PLC.





As more and more applications in plant and machinery construction require custom solutions to automate simple motion sequences with minimal requirements, Siemens answers with the compact SINAMICS V20 drive.

The SINAMICS V20 is surprisingly versatile, features quick commissioning times, robustness, and energy efficiency. With four frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.16 to 20 HP.




MICROMASTER Standard v/hz and Vector Drives



MICROMASTER 420 standard AC drives provide the perfect combination of flexibility, performance, and ease of use.  Right out of the box this drive is ready to run less-demanding applications. The configurable I/O and Flux Current Control Mode enhance its operation for more demanding applications. This flexibility makes this product ideal for machine builders and end-users when looking to standardize on one AC drive.





Siemens MICROMASTER 430 is the ideal AC drive for pump and fan applications. The integrated PID and pump synchronization functionality make this a cost-effective solution for flow control applications. With advanced features like energy savings mode and customizable v/hz control mode that can be programmed to match pump and fan curves, the MICROMASTER 430 will improve your productivity while saving costs.





In the world of automation, there are certain applications which require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response. The Siemens MICROMASTER 440 is a general purpose AC vector drive specially designed for these applications. The sophisticated vector control functionality ensures precise speed control, even when sudden load changes occur. An integrated brake chopper and ability to stop at a target position without an encoder, ensures outstanding precision, even during braking and short declaration ramps. All this is possible from 0.16 HP through 350 HP (0.12 to 260 KW).





High Performance and Servo Drives

SINAMICS S110 Simple Positioning Servo Drive

The SINAMICS S110 positioning drive with its built-in basic positioning system is ideal when you need to position machines axes simply, quickly, and accurately. While the positioning drive relieves the higher-level machine control system of this task, this flexible converter actually offers much more. As an alternative to a basic positioning system, the positioning drive can be assigned set values of speed or position using analog input or a field bus interface, such as PROFIBUS, CAN, PROFINET.




SINAMICS S120 High Performance Modular Drive System

With a wide range of coordinated components and functions in a complete drives package, SINAMICS S120 modular drives are designed for high-performance drive applications in mechanical and systems engineering as well as motion control.

SINAMICS S120 drives include high-performance single drives and coordinated drives (multiple-axis applications) with vector or servo functionalities that allow implementation of customized high performance drive solutions for the ultimate in flexibility and increased productivity. In addition to an innovative system architecture and digital communication options, these drives come in a variety of designs and cooling types, delivering performance from 0.16 to 6,000 HP, and feature efficient engineering and quick commissioning resulting from innovative tools and simple wiring.