Standard Motors 1LA/1LG

The IEC motors are available, across the board in efficiency classes IE2 and IE3 for the area of validity of EU Regulation 640/2009 from 750 Watts up to 375 kW. Further, the motors are also certified according to EISA for the NAFTA market in the Energy Efficiency and Premium Efficiency classes. And even more: With IE3 motors, you can save a significant amount of energy, as they have an efficiency that is up to 10 % higher than previous motors.




Standard Motors Generation 1LE1

Our new family of 1LE1 motors is also one of the most compact in the world as we produce it employing innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. In order to achieve an optimum design, we use a combination of highly conductive materials in the rotor. The results include minimized rotor losses and an excellent starting and switching behavior.Further, we pay special attention to environmental compatibility and the frugal use of resources in our production environment. For instance, no solvents are used in the insulation impregnation and painting.