Siemens Micro Automation consistently provides economical solutions. Constantly benefit from innovation and cost effective system. The compact and modular design is flexible enough to support future expansion. Real-time response is fast and features great communication options, comes with easy-to-operate software and hardware. 




Siemens S7-200 and Siemens LOGO

A powerful, small and compact module that is ideal for applications of limited space. The basic and advanced functionality are available in all CPU models. Library functions are available for practical applications. It provides easy-to-use engineering software, ideal for both beginners and experts, the STEP 7-Micro/WIN.





SIMATIC MICRO Panel and Text Display

Siemens offers micro panels and text displays that comes in an easy and quick configuration. Provide clear user interface, pre-generated graphics objects and intelligent tools for graphic configuration. Multilingual configuration is also supported. They offer excellent solution for operator control and monitoring system.






Data transfer is available via this GSM/GPRS modem. Control and monitoring is possible wherever the operator or engineer is located. SINAUT Micro SC is OPC routing software that provides GPRS management. GPRS network may be utilized using quadband modem technology. World-wide easy access is guaranteed through the internet.