Saves Space, Wiring, and Installation Steps

• Versatile functionality in a compact body (70 mm wide × 90 mm high).
• This single Unit easily provides relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions. Wiring work is greatly reduced because separate wiring is not required for devices such as timers and counters.

Easy Programming

The LCD screen comes with 8 operation buttons on the front panel to enable programming in ladder view format. The LCD screen also has a backlight, making it easier to see when the ZEN is used in dark locations.
Note: Not supported for ZEN-[]C2[][]-[]-V2 models.



The NJ-Series Machine Automation Controller is at the heart of the new Sysmac platform. One integrated machine controller that offers speed, flexibility and scalability of software centric architecture without compromising on the traditional reliability and robustness that you have come to expect from Omron PLCs. The NJ-Series is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements in terms of motion control speed and accuracy, communication, security and robust system. 





The CP1E provide high cost performance to further reduce costs by allowing you to select the optimal CPU Unit from the E[][]S-type Basic Models or N/[][]S(1)-type Application Models.

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» "CP1L-EM" and "CP1L-EL" have complete with a Ethernet port.
» Pulse output for two axes. Advanced power for high-precision positioning control.
» High-speed Counters. Single-phase for four axes.
» Six interrupt inputs are built in. Faster processing of instructions speeds up the entire system.
» "CP1L-M" and "CP1L-L" have a peripheral USB port.
» The Structured Text (ST) Language. Makes math operations even easier.
» Can be used for the CP1W series Unit. The extendibility of it is preeminently good.
» LCD displays and settings. Enabled using Option Board




» Pulse output for 4 axes. Advanced power for high-precision positioning control.
» High-speed counters. Differential phases for 4 axes.
» Easily handles multi-axis control with a single unit.
» Ethernet Communications. Enabled by using an Option Board. Two ports can be used as an » Ethernet port to perform. Ethernet communications between the CP1H and a host computer.
» Built-in Analog I/O. XA CPU Units provide 4 input words and 2 output words.
» USB Peripheral Port. Another standard feature.
» The structured text (ST) language. Makes math operations even easier.





   Versatile Machine Control with the Highest Performance Standards in the Industry.


   Super-compact design that meets the highest standards in its class.
   Even a narrow space in a machine serves as a control panel.


   Suitable for essentially any application, from small device and temperature control, to large-scale control over networks.




As a modern machine manufacturer you need to continuously increase the intelligence and flexibility of your product to remain competitive. But you also need to be absolutely certain that it all works perfectly, first time, every time.
The CJ2 is the result of years of experience as market leader in the field of modular controllers and represents a logical next step in controller design. It offers greater performance and faster I/O response as well as extreme scalability - so you will only need one family. In addition, programming, debugging and networking are faster and easier.





With the CS1D, a highly reliable system can be introduced easily. Of course, the standard CS-series PLC resources can be used as-is, and a CS1D Duplex System can be set up and used easily, even by users setting up a duplex system for the first time.

With the CS1D, you can select from a variety of redundant systems. In addition to duplexed CPU Units and Power Supply Units, the customer can duplex other components, such as Communications Units (Controller Link or Ethernet) and Expansion Cables, to match the system requirements and provide a diverse range of duplex system configurations.



cs1g, cs1h

In order to create facilities that have the production capability to withstand sudden changes in demand, or to create machinery that is easily distinguished from that created by market competitors, a top-speed controller that can deliver the performance required to support these needs is required. The CS1 PLCs have been equipped with the highest I/O responsiveness and data control functionality to significantly reduce processing time and to control machinery movement with greater precision.




(NSJ Built-in Ethernet Port) Easy access to both Display Section and Controller Section. This allows PLC data to be read or written without adding an Ethernet Unit. PLC data can also be read or written, and alarms and recipes can be transferred, from a host computer.

• Screen data and ladder programs can be easily transferred via Ethernet. 
• PLC data can also be read by a host application (using FINS communications).

• PLC2 data can be easily displayed and set from the NSJ (PLC1) display.