Control, visualization, motion, safety, sensing and inspecting represent the heart of modern machine and plant automation.

Omron can provide the solution. Omron’s industrial automation product range includes optical sensors and measuring systems, high-speed industrial-grade image processing systems, controlling and switching devices, highly dynamic drives and product tracking systems for information interchange, all of which meet today’s industrial automation challenges.



Accuracy, efficiency and even safety are necessary for every process. With these carefully engineered sensing devices, we can assure of these important factors for machine controls in plants. Offering a wide option of sensing devices, simple to complex, from photoelectric, vision, and proximity, provides the right solution in industry automation.


PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers

Flexibility, efficiency and speed are vital factors for staying competitive in the machine building industry. Reliability and advanced technology is inherent in all of its control systems, from the smart remote I/O and the component CPM to the high-performance modular CJ1 and the backplane-based CS1 series.


HMI – Human Machine Interface

The possibility to program the PLC, monitor the existing control program, reconfigure settings for the complete control system, all from the HMI without any PCs or programming software. The new NS product range now offers greatly increased functionality with several patented features, while also offering faster performance and screen updating.






A next generation servo that is both compact and smart. Servo drives and motors provide affordable control for applications where high-speed performance and position accuracy are required. Omron also provides a new series of SYSDRIVE inverters that offers versatility in applications, ecological, and easy-to-use. SYSDRIVE comes with models that meet today's demands for increased performance and advanced functionality.



Omron offers a wide range of industrial components for simple process control and monitoring. Temperature controllers receive sensor signals and control heaters or other devices to maintain a preset temperature. Level monitoring devices are widely used in automation that provides liquid level control. Limit switches operate when objects reach a specific location. Easy-to-use timers and counters are also available for synchronize and preset value control. Omron also provides reliable and high quality relays and general-purpose power supplies.



Omron provides variety of products that can be used to ensure the safety of operators, devices, and facilities. Operator presence near hazardous machines can be detected to prevent accidents. Safety equipments that features fail-safe designs that detect internal circuit failures to ensure safety are available. Programmable safety circuits may be incorporated to facilitate efficient safety design which can also be expanded with distributed allocation via network.



Omron offers 2-Dimensional code readers and RFID systems. Code readers can read 2D codes or bar codes and are available in installed or hand-held models. RFID systems allow data to be read and written without contact using electrical and electromagnetic signals, not being affected by the material or surface condition of the target object. RFID systems can be used just about anywhere that a unique identification system is needed.