Hydraulic controller HST

Whether from the standard product range or as a customized assembly – all HST hydraulic controls fit everywhere with their compact design, and offer a variety of possibilities for optional expansion.

The EMG delivery range hydraulic valve stand includes a great number of compact hydraulic controls with nominal sizes between NG 6 and NG 16 for use in the immediate vicinity of the hydraulic cylinders.




Hydraulic Power Unit HR

The HR hydraulic power unit generates reliable hydraulic energy for any power range.

For strip guidance systems, hydraulic power units with a rating of between 0.18 and 15 kW is usually used. For extra-heavy coilers requiring extreme capacities, power units are tailor-made to suit the application.

Standard hydraulic power units basically consist of an oil tank, a motor-driven pump assembly, control valve and filter. 




Servo Valve SV

SV servo valves from EMG offer a constant dynamic for pressure and control along with maximum longevity and repetition accuracy.

Servo valves are the most important components of each electrohydraulic control system. The rotary slide design with gap adjustment on which our development is based ensures minimum frictional loss, high repetitive accuracy and a large capacity range for single-stage valves.