Online measurement of tensile strength and yield point IMPOCpro

The online measurement of tensile strength and yield point with IMPOCpro increases the efficiency of existing production facilities. With IMPOCpro the results are available immediately, thus achieving a significant time savings and promptly optimizing processes so that possible reworking is reduced and material yield is increased. The total investment in the device pays for itself within 12-24 months. The system is primarily used in hot-dip galvanizing and continuous annealing lines.




Strip width measurement BREIMO

The use of the BREIMO strip width measurement system leads to more efficient processes and savings of expensive resources. In combination with the SWOp strip width optimization system the resulting trimming scrap is minimized. Investing in BREIMO pays for itself in well under 6 months.

On request, type BMS compact strip centre measuring systems and BREIMO type strip width measuring systems ready for installation are supplied. The rugged measuring frames are supplied completely equipped with an EVM receiver adjusting device for strip centres or two EVK receiver adjusting devices for edges and the required linear light source LLS, including functional check. 




Online roughness measurement SORM 3plus

The SORM 3plus online roughness measurement measures values such as roughness and peak value. With it, conclusions about the materials’ characteristics are now drawn in real time and materials that deviate from specifications are recognized early on. Thus, the production of scrap is significantly reduced, costs are lowered and the efficiency of the overall production is considerably increased.

Roughness is an important surface parameter, especially in the case of cold-rolled steel sheet. The standardised method of measurement used up until now is to use a stylus instrument where measurement is carried out offline by taking a specimen from the coil head end and from the coil tail end.




Pinhole detection MICRONpro

Finest holes are a critical quality attribute especially for the production of tin or aluminium wrapping materials. So-called “pinholes”, explicitly smaller than 50 micro meters, are a big quality problem for many packaging materials. Especially regarding the food and production security as well as the product security within the finishing process of tin or other aluminium products pinholes have to be avoided absolutely.

With MICRONpro EMG has adopted this problem and enlarges the product family of EMG's quality assurance systems as another standard solution.




Baffle blade control system eBACS

The eBACS electronic BAffle blade Control System optimizes galvanizing at the strip edges. Contamination or damage to the zinc coating through contact with the strip by touch rolls is prevented. Sensors and actuators of proven EMG quality provide for maintenance-free, reliable operation. It results in a homogenous zinc layer even at the strip edges. Last but not least, the fully automated systems provide for greater operational safety and active prevention of accidents.

In hot-dip galvanizing lines the zinc coating thickness is determined by means of blowing-off nozzles in the air knife above the zinc bath. In order to avoid any air disturbances which can lead to a strip edge growth and an influence on the surface at the edges, the strips are normally enlarged by baffle blades in this area.




Automatic air knife lip cleaning eWIPE

eWIPE greatly simplifies and automates the process of cleaning the air knife lips. Maintenance costs are noticeably reduced and the risk of accidents to operators is minimized. By means of continuous cleaning during operation there are fewer surface defects. In this way eWIPE promotes a consistently high zinc coating quality. This results in less waste and fewer downgraded coils, which reduces overall costs. The system can be retrofitted to many types of air knives.

The eWIPE air knife lip cleaning is a pneumatically operated cleaning tool for air knives in galvanizing lines. It allows the removal of firmly bonded zinc deposits inside and outside the nozzle lips.




eMASS – electromagnetic strip stabilization

eMASS® electromagnetic strip stabilization gives targeted control of strip oscillations and allows high galvanizing quality without minimizing the production throughput. Furthermore, the use of eMASS® electromagnetic strip stabilization gives significant zinc savings in all hot-dip galvanizing plants. eMASS® thus offers a high potential for significant cost reduction in the production of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal.