SKIDS IPMS (INTEGRATED PIPELINE MEASURING STATION SYSTEMS) 2", 4", 8", 12", 16" for filtration, pressure control and custody metering of crude oil, fuels or liquid chemical products for unloading/loading to/from tankfarms, ship tankers, railway or tank truck terminals.

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CMR series

CMR series metering skids are compact skid-mounted metering systems typically for tanktrucks and railcars loading and unloading.

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Pumping SKID

Design and fabrication of pumping skids. A skid with stand-by pumps for pressurizing of additives.

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Additive storage skid

The skid consists of double-wall 3m3 tank for additive with instrumentation, additive pump, filter, pressure control valve and connection pipes. The accessories is located on the roof of the tank which makes it very compact and easy to install on site.

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