OptiLevel Probe

The level measuring gauge HLS 6010 operates according to the capacity comparison method: since a float is not necessary, on change of liquid the gauge automatically adapts to the new medium – therefore it provides very flexible use. The manufacture of various lengths and thread standards according to your wishes is possible. Since the gauge does not contain moving parts, it is not subject to wear.

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OptiLevel Wireless Probe

The Wireless Probe can be installed at any location where it is impossible or just too expensive to lay cable The wireless solution continuously collects fill level data and transfers it to the superordinate host systems for processing and evaluation.

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OptiLevel supply

The OptiLevel Supply acts as a dividing point between the gauges and the superordinate host system and it also regulates the power supply. An integrated lightning and surge protection provides additional functional reliability. With this device the probe data is bundled and the interfaces are grouped together.

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mineo controller

With the Linux-based controller all relevant fill level data can be quickly and easily displayed on the integrated 7" touch screen display – and that in a graphically appealing and functional way. Integrated features, such as delivery detection, or static leakage and theft detection can be conveniently accessed via display or host.

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Optavias basis

Optavias Basis is the single position software for the direct connection of the sensors to a local PC on a station. All functions as such as strapping-table management,volume calculations, temperature compensation, limit values with visual and acustic alarms are integrated. All tank data (level, temperature, density etc.) are displayed. The software is very user friendly with graphics and tables.
System requirements:
Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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petroline atg

Web Portal is visualizing tank data of  an Optavias Head Office database Registration via web browser with user name and password. User friendly visualization of chosen stations in network   - Fuel stock and alarms   - Estimated time algorithm until next delivery is needed. Access to only assigned stations possible (multi-client capable)

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Optavias head office

Contains following programs:
5000.68050000 Optavias Head Office Software
Inclusive 5 x 5000.68051000
Optavias license remote connections.

Software for central management of tank inventory data on a PC in the head office of a net of stations. User-friendly graphical user interface for full scale of tank data management (level, comp. volume, temperature, comp. density etc.). Up to 100 stations (more stations on request) Optional: export functions, interfaces to ERP systems on request includes e-mail notification e.g. "order limit".

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