In Plant Control



GPM PV SCADA is a local SCADA Monitoring and Management solution used in-plant which allows control over devices, communication with elements and an immediate assessment of plant status:

1. Real time snap shot of plant status (less than 1 second latency).
2. Supervision and plant operation (alarms).
3. In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool.
4. Dashboards for easy visualization of data and communication with devices.





GPM Power Plant Controller

The GPM Power Plant Controller is a control tool that serves to regulate certain parameters on plant, either directly or through the GPM PV SCADA solution.

It operates independently of the monitoring and control of the energy plants.

The Utility informs GreenPowerMonitor of the parameters it wants to regulate.

GreenPowerMonitor implements a specific Power Plant Controller to solve the Utility’s needs in order to control those parameters.






GPM Smartbridge

It is a service that smartly links SCADA, Controller and Power Plant Operator network.

GPM SmartBridge collects and unifies the instructions of the operator network and sends the PPC Setpoints to the inverters in the shortest time possible. According to the inverters, it can reach 95% of Setpoint in less than 1 second.






GPM Dynamics Simulations

The need of perform dynamic studies of generating power plants is increasing nowadays. Some of the last electric grid codes updates, require documents or plant models evidencing the compliance of the minimum technical requirements in order to keep the plant operating.