Human Machine Interfaces


Operator Panels

Advantech offers operator panels including WebOP-2000T and WebOP-3000T series that come with RISC processors to satisfy the stringent standards required in the automation market, With support for over 450 PLC industrial communication protocols can fulfill the needs of different applications and by bundling WebOP Designer with both models lets the operator panels become a control HMI for flexible system integration. WebOP Designer 2.0 is a software development tool which involves the use of PLCs and helps create application solutions for labor-saving, improves efficiency of manufacturing and easy control of every machine in the factory. Advantech Operator Panels also support a variety of easy wash IP66 certified LCD screens with sizes from 3.5" to 12.1" which suitable for the use of different motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors.




Automation Panels

Advantech automation panels (TPC series) including control panels with flexible expansion, thin-client panels with compact design and wide screen series which built-in intelligent keys for intuitive UI. The comprehensive display size from 3.5" to 21.5"and wide CPU selection including Intel Atom, Core I and AMD processors can fulfill different needs of applications




Industrial Panel PC

Advantech's industrial panel PCs are powerful computing and robust platforms for factory floors. Each industrial panel PC can be built to achieve a performance and cost ratio that is optimum for any industrial application. Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel front panels, the rugged design of the industrial panel PC series can withstand tough industrial environments. Equipped with powerful Intel Pentium M & Celeron M processors, this product has high computing power, and also provides multiple expansion slots for add-on boards. While each fanless panel PC is a durable and reliable platform since the design of fanless cooling system and spindle-free storage, and each PC-based industrial workstation is designed for use within factories and other harsh industrial environments.




Industrial Monitors

Advantech's industrial monitors (FPM Series) provide a full range of options comes in the following sizes: 12", 15", 17", 19", 21" to 23" with multi-function capabilities and brilliant displays. Each FPM series features an industrial-grade LCD flat panel with extraordinary brightness and they are designed for factory floor environments and can withstand higher temperatures, vibration, and the dirt and dust that can be commonplace. High IP ratings for the bezel design enable these products to be installed in wet and dusty areas.